Why High School Gymnastics Matters

Hard work in the gym leads to continued success in life

Increases Connectedness

School connectedness is when students feel like they are cared for by the staff in their school. Students that feel a stronger connectedness are happier, more social, have positive attitude towards their school, and perform better academically.

Gymnastics strengthens school connectedness through the relationship between coach and gymnast and by providing an opportunity for the gymnasts to positively contribute to their school.

1 gym, 1 team

Boys gymnastics offers a unique athletic experience. All levels practice and compete together in the same space at the same time. This fosters a family environment and allows our upperclassmen to work and cheer alongside our underclassmen.

Gymnasts experience a sense of belonging and develop key social skills and characteristics such as:

  • trust

  • loyalty

  • responsibility

  • compassion


Many high school gymnasts start their freshman year. For some, it is their first experience participating in a sport or being part of a team. Being a non-cut sport, gymnastics provides opportunities for all those that are interested.

Gymnastics provides opportunities for our kids to represent their team, school, and community.

Gymnastics provides opportunities to develop perseverance, grit, and determination. Gymnasts learn what it takes to be a leader and how it important being part of a team is.

We need to continue to ensure that all of these opportunities are available for our kids.