Why We're At risk

The illinois high school Association (IHSA) approved a policy that will most likely end High School Boys gymnastics.


In September of 2022, the IHSA Board approved a recommendation to update IHSA Board Policy 14: Guidelines for Adding and Deleting State Series Programs. Section 14-3 of the Policy has been updated to read as follows:

“An existing state series will be deleted when the following objective qualifiers have been met:

a.) Sports – The state series has less than 7% of member schools entering a team (3.054).

b.) Activities – The state series has less than 7% of member schools participating.”


Currently, Illinois Boys Gymnastics sits below the 7% threshold that the IHSA has now set. Given the language the IHSA Board used in this policy, it is clear that the State Series for Illinois Boys Gymnastics will be deleted. If this occurs, the chances of Boys Gymnastics Programs staying in the high schools will most likely die out.

Hundreds of student-athletes will go without being able to do a sport that they love. A sport that teaches more than just gymnastics, but how hard work and determination leads to success in life. A sport, that to many, has simply saved their lives by giving them an opportunity to thrive.